We are


We are on a mission to co-create places where people meet as whole human beings and thrive together. As a consultancy for leadership and cultural transformation, we partner with you and your company in becoming a Human-Centered Organization.

We offer consultancy, process facilitation and leadership trainings that empower teams and leaders to prosper within constantly evolving environments.

The initial focus of our work was the delivery of next-generation mindful leadership programs. After some years we realized that we strive to form deeper alliances with organizations and to support them refine their cultural and structural realities.

Our philosophy is based on two main ideas: first, that organizations are living systems which are constantly evolving and second, that cultural transformation starts with the individual and unfolds from the inside out.

Our work is guided by the following principles

Embracing polarity

We recognize, accept and celebrate diversity in all its shapes. Our differences give rise to change and creative solutions.

Sensing into the
greater flow

We are cultivating openness and curiosity for what wants to emerge in the present moment, beyond our immediate understanding or will.

Trusting in the ultimate
goodness of people and life

We meet people and life with an attitude of goodwill and compassion, trusting that all human beings are inherently well intentioned.

Connecting with
inner calm

We honor the power and wisdom of silence and contemplative practice, regularly reconnecting with our inner world.

Expressing aliveness

We have the courage to express what feels alive, transforming impulses into intentional action.

We believe in new ways of collaboration and unleashing synergies

For this reason WEVOLVE is a collective that gathers diverse spirits, perspectives and professions. Bound by our shared values and vision for a more humane world of work, each of us brings a high-level knowledge and best practices from their field of professional expertise.

This spectrum allows us to select experts, trainers and consultants that uniquely match the culture and needs of your organization and project.

Our Team

Daniel Rieber

Co-Founder, Mindful Leadership Expert, Podcaster

Dr. Nico Rönpagel

Co-Founder, Meditation Teacher, Ecstatic Dancer

Nadja Alzner

Mindful Leadership Trainer, Purpose Coach, Yoga Teacher

John Lack

Transformation Consultant, Facilitator, Musician

Lena Sievers

Mindful Leadership Trainer, Systemic Coach, Space Holder

Daniel Rieber

Co-Founder, Mindful Leadership Expert, Podcaster