From Inspiration

to Transformation

As a consultancy we partner with companies and leaders, sharing the vision of a more humane world of work. To support their cultural evolution, we offer services from inspiring keynotes and workshops, to training programs, consultancy and process facilitation.

All our Services…

are based on the principles of Mindfulness and Systems Thinking

build on latest science and leverage data-driven insights

are focussed on co-creation and the inner wisdom of teams

Main Fields of Expertise

As a collective of diverse experts, we offer you a wide spectrum of services for all initiatives for people and culture. However, the following areas reflect our main fields of expertise.


Mindful Self-Leadership

Empathic Communication and Co-Creation

Leadership Development

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Stress Regulation and Mental Health

Human Connection in Virtual Collaboration

Self-Organization and New Work Structures

Consultancy & Process Facilitation

Cultural transformation is a very individual and comprehensive process that needs both your company’s commitment to change as well as experienced consultants who facilitate the process.

We cannot predict the future of your company, but we accompany you on your unique journey as it will unfold on the path. While we do not have all the answers, we trust in asking the right questions, holding the space and co-creating solutions on equal footing.

Our philosophy is based on the premise that sustainable change starts with the mindset and behavior of each individual. Based on your organization’s values and culture, we facilitate the emergence of new structures and processes.

“The transformation process with WEVOLVE has been invaluable to our organizational culture. WEVOLVE created spaces in which we met each other as full human beings - with openness, honesty and vulnerability. In the joint, co-creative process, we involved all employees and their perspectives. “

Tim Grossmann
CEO neusta consulting

To equip your organization with the mindset and capabilities needed for a new world of work, we offer advanced training programs for your leaders and their teams.

Our trainings offer engaging content, scientific perspectives, as well as space for personal experience and exchange among colleagues. The journeys focus on hybrid learning experiences and the integration into everyday professional life  to cultivate habit change for oneself and the team.

In addition to custom-made programs, we offer learning journeys that combine experiential sessions with a phase for personal and team integration. Find out more here about our journeys and their themes.

“For our company, employee wellbeing and a healthy work-life balance are essential pillars of our culture. On this mission, the leadership program gave us powerful tools to integrate more mindfulness and compassion into our professional lives.”

Nina krüger CfO
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Trainings & Programs

Trainings & Programs

Keynotes &

Our unique talks offer inspiring expert perspectives into leadership and the new world of work. They are based on the latest science and case studies as well as on personal experiences and engaging storytelling. To ignite real change people do not only have to agree on a rational level. Only if we are touched on an emotional level, we are willing to change habits and to step on new paths.

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